​​​​​​​​Chef Jojo

I do this because I am passionate about cooking great food and sharing it. I believe food is a great way of sharing cultures, elevating positive human interaction and cultivating new friendships. I was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, and always had a passion for food and cooking. I loved cooking for my younger siblings, family and friends. So, when I was old enough to go to Utalii College in Nairobi to train as a chef, my mum flat out refused to pay for my tuition. There was no further discussion allowed. A cook or chef  was not considered a dignified career option; a person was perceived more as a servant or butler who cooked at one of those upscale tourist hotels for European tourists, the former colonial masters. My mum detested that.

Later, I went to college in Europe  and then moved to the United States for my undergraduate and graduate studies--nothing related to food at all. Who knew that after all this time, I would end up cooking and co-running a restaurant for almost four years and then starting a catering business. Just like Tom Hanks said in the movie Forrest Gump, for sure, life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you get.

My cooking philosophy

When it comes to cooking, I hate rules. I am not a formally trained chef but a being driven by passion. I cook from my heart, enjoy experimenting and go for flavor and color. I get the most satisfaction when people enjoy my food.

Chef Jojo's cooking rules

1.  Since alot of peole are allergic to tree nuts and dairy, when I cook for the public, I do not use nuts or dairy because it limits the number of people who      can enjoy my food.

2.  When I season food or use spices and herbs, I do so to compliment the natural taste of the food NOT to overpower it. This is evident in my curries.

3.  For me, it's not a trend, I have never liked greasy food. So, I go easy on the grease. 


From the food to the ambiance, our mission is to offer you an African safari food experience that's unique and memorable. While most people are familiar with Chinese, Italian, Indian and Mexican food, they have not had the opportunity to experience the flavors and aromas of Africa. Just like the bright and earthy colors that represent the continent, our dishes are colorful, flavorful and healthy. We specialize in East and West African cuisine, which provides for a  diverse menu selection. Whether for a business, college/school, wedding, graduation, fundraiser or a private function, the African safari food experienceawaits you. At Kilimanjaro Catering, we are drive by passion and only satisfied when you are. Please contact us to discuss your food event. 

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