​​My name is Chef Jojo

I do this because I am passionate about making flavorful food that many can enjoy. I believe food is a great way of sharing cultures, elevating positive human interaction, and cultivating new friendships. I grew up in Nairobi, Kenya, where I was exposed to Kenyan, Indian, and Middle Eastern food. I learned to make West African food at a restaurant I previously worked, my spouse is from Southeast Asia, and I now call Minnesota home. So, while my primary influence is Kenyan cooking, I incorporate all these other cultures that I have been privileged to be part of to create dishes that are uniquely a Chef Jojo creation and truly cross-cultural.

My cooking philosophy
I get the most satisfaction from using my blend of spices and herbs to create flavorful dishes from common everyday foods. I believe that one does not have to be wealthy to enjoy good food. I cook from my heart, enjoy experimenting with spices, and go for flavor. Whether it's Chef Jojo's seasoned fries, greens,  or my line of mild curries, I use my blend of in-house spices to create a delicate balance of flavor to be enjoyed by our customers. 

1.  Because of common food sensitivities,  I do not use nuts, eggs, or dairy in my cooking.

2.  I use spices and herbs to accentuate the natural taste of food NOT to overpower it. Chicken must taste like chicken, not curry.

3.  For me, it's not a trend, I have never liked greasy food. So, I go easy on the grease.

Just like the bright and earthy colors that represent the African continent, our dishes are colorful and flavorful. From our new location in the Riverside neighborhood of South Minneapolis, we bring you an exciting menu of Kenyan and other African dishes. Driven by our passion for good food,  were only satisfied when you are.


​   ​            Bringing the flavors of Kenya and Africa to Minnesota